Anthony Hamilton Says ‘Spending Power’ Only Way Blacks Can Counteract Injustice


Singer, songwriter and Charlotte, NC native, Anthony Hamilton voiced his opinion in a recent op-ed piece published by In his article, the Grammy Award winner says he is fed up with the string of unjustified slayings of blacks in America. Hamilton puts emphasis on the fact that he is the father of six black males that he believes should have the right to live as any other free American. Hamilton also notes that the only way to effect change is with “spending power,” and addressing the “ugly underground culture in this country.”

Below is an excerpt from his piece:

“So what do we do? We have to reflect on these big corporations. Do they value us as producers and consumers? The biggest way to effect change is through spending power. If you don’t respect us, then we don’t respect you. Not all corporations are bad. Not all white people are bad. However, there is an ugly underground culture in this country full of those who feel that people of color are inferior.

“If we stop empowering these big corporations who support the folk who want us gone, then we will show our power and cripple their pockets. I do not advocate hurting innocent people of any race or group. There is nothing cool about senseless violence. However, we can no longer ignore that liberty and justice never, ever applied to us all. America, the world is watching.”

Do you agree with Anthony Hamilton? What are your thoughts on Black America’s spending power as it relates to fighting injustice?



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