The Palm Beach Beat is an online multimedia outlet that highlights positive news and accomplishments in urban, and oftentimes, marginalized or underrepresented communities throughout the Palm Beaches.


African Americans ages 17-55 residing in the Palm Beaches

Demographic Statistics:

According to a recent Nielson consumer report, the current buying power of the African American community is $1 trillion. This total is forecasted to reach $1.3 trillion by the year 2017. Moreover, African American’s unique consumer behaviors are said to be more aggressive than other groups. With that, blacks:

  • Watch more television (37%),
  • Make more shopping trips (eight percent)
  • Purchase more ethnic beauty and grooming products (nine times more)
  • Read more financial magazines (28%)
  • Spend more than twice the time at personal hosted websites than any other group

In Palm Beach County specifically, the last U.S. Census documented that the county’s black population increased 25.9 percent.

Palm Beach Beat Marketing Strategies:

With SEO strategies and targeted marketing, The Palm Beach Beat reaches these communities by highlighting stories and news that the residents care about. Hence, advertising dollars are marketed directly to the consumers that local brands and businesses are trying to reach.

Advertisement Packages:

The Palm Beach Beat offers comprehensive online advertising packages that include but are not limited to:

  • Website Banner Ads
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