4 Simple Tips To Make 2018 Your Ultimate Fitness Year

January is coming to a close and many people have allowed their New Year fitness goals to fizzle or come to a screeching halt. Don’t let this be you. Here are four health and fitness tips to help you stick to and meet your 2018 goals.

Eat Your Pre-Workout

Most folks avoid working out because they feel sick, especially after taking a liquid pre-workout drink on an empty stomach. You can avoid this by eating a pre-workout meal. Lactic acid builds up in our system while we workout, which is what causes the sick feeling. Having a meal in your system will give the acid a place to go instead of swirling around in your stomach. Something small and light like a small apple and 12 almonds on regular workout days, a half hour before you train, will do the trick. And for leg or back days, have something a little heavier, like a small plate of rice, protein and green veggies of your choice. This small meal will really help you power through those large muscle groups.


Cardio: The Necessary Evil

You know you need it, but you can’t do it. Literally. If you are unable to do cardio because knee, hip or joint issues, here’s the secret to getting cardio in without REALLY getting it in: trick your heart. (I know, I know. Bring your eyeballs back to this article, so I can explain.)

The heart doesn’t know what type of cardio you’re doing, it just responds to it being done. You can grab 1-3 pound weights, one in each hand. Sit nice and tall, and as fast as you can, pump those weights for a count of 30. Do this 5-8 times. Congratulations, you just did a strenuous cardio session.


Eat Well, Please

Too often we start are fitness plans too hard, too fast, and too strict. This unfortunately creates the cheat meal that becomes the cheat weekend that evolves into “I’ll start my diet over on Monday.” Don’t do this to yourself. Here are some pointers on your eating.

DO NOT go into starting a diet with the “I might as well” mentality.

Don’t eat everything bad today because you start your diet tomorrow. This sets you up to fail because your mentality is wrong. When you go into ay new eating habit with a negative, deprived mindset, you will succumb to the “I deserve this” mental response. You are not a criminal going up the road to do a 10-year bid in prison. Instead, you are a self-loving individual taking control of her health. So, prepare your mentality and prepare your kitchen.

Start on the weekend.

Specifically Friday. Eat light and enjoyable meals, drink tea and plenty of water. If you can discipline yourself through the weekend, by Monday you’ll be fine.

Do not drink your calories (i.e.; alcoholic beverages, sodas, juices and smoothies).

These drinks are laden with sugar which turns to fat. There are apps available for your phone that will tell you the sugar, fat and carbohydrate content in the foods you consume. Make your calories count.


Water, Water, And More Water.

We all know that drinking more water is the key to successfully meeting one’s health and fitness goals. However, many individuals still drop the ball in this department. Water is essential to our health, especially when working out. Water flushes us out, removes toxins and mobilizes fat to leave our bodies. The recommended daily water intake is half your body weight.

An easy way to drink your daily intake of water is to drink through a straw. Get a water container that comes with a straw, and holds 32 ounces or more. A straw will distract you from how much water you’re taking in. Before you know it, you’ll get thirsty again and again and will need to refill your bottle throughout the day. You can also add some flavor to your water by cutting up lemons, oranges, cucumbers or berries to help you get your water intake in.

Here’s to a fit and healthy 2018!

Are you keeping up with your 2018 fitness goals? Why or why not? Leave your comments below.

Domynyque Morris

Domynyque Morris

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Owner of Flourish, a women's wellness company.Reiki Master, specializing in womb healing. Health & Wellness Enthusiast.

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Domynyque Morris

Owner of Flourish, a women's wellness company. Reiki Master, specializing in womb healing. Health & Wellness Enthusiast. Contact Me: 561-577-1335 flourish1122@gmail.com

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