3 Reasons To Trash Your Vision Board Now!

Do yourself a favor and trash your vision board.

Vision boards are those nicely designed, arts-n-craft projects that allow individuals to create a mental dream of what they expect to happen in the upcoming year. For me, vision boards are problematic. They have a way of manipulating people into believing that they are going to do anything that’s posted on them.

People love creating vision boards because they promote good intentions and mental pictures of life goals. But, let’s face the truth. Having and seeing the vision is not enough. I believe, at times, vision boards create a false sense of reality concerning one’s current state of being and where he or she intends to go. Hence, here are three reasons why vision boards won’t really work.

Vision boards do not allow for self-reflection.

Although, vision boards give individuals a great depiction of what they want in the future, it doesn’t provide the space needed to analyze one’s current state. I would argue that self-reflection is a true first step in being successful for any upcoming year. It is ineffective to visualize where you intend to go without highlighting your strengths and soft spots. There is no point in dreaming about the house, car, marriage and career, if you haven’t mastered appreciation for the things you already have.

Vision boards are shallow.

Many of us can agree on the Top 5 pictures to be the focus of any vision board. The fancy house, the new car, the healthy marriage/relationship, the dream job and the fit body! There are many people in the world who do not think on the same wavelength as others. For me, I need an avenue to express my vision of being emotionally stable, empowered, sexually disciplined, free of jealousy and more loving to friends and family. Starting with this deeper sense of self, requires a more involved, and in depth platform to help me reach my goals. Accordingly, I would be more successful by writing out my personal goals with distinct action steps to get there.

Vision boards won’t work because YOU won’t work.

After the mental picture is made, there are two things missing from vision boards; an action plan and a system of accountability. Action plans are more effective for anyone looking to make real headway into changing their life. Setting measurable goals and committing to immediate action steps are much more beneficial. Accountability is the collaborator to action plans for successful visualization. Accountability is the act of being required or expected to justify ones actions or decisions.

Action plans and accountability are crucial concepts for setting goals and meeting them. There are several ways to add action and accountability to your life. Get a mentor or coach to help guide you towards desirable outcomes. Join a professional organization that surrounds you with others who share the same goals. Join a local or online mastermind specific to concepts you need to develop.

Masterminds, specifically, are powerful groups that promote brainstorming, support and accountability. And if you are in search of a local mastermind to join in Palm Beach County or virtually, check out the Melanin Mastermind Tribe on Facebook and Instagram.

Ashley Walker

Ashley Walker

Lead Facilitator at Melanin Mastermind Tribe
Lead Facilitator of the MelaninMasterminds | Business Coach + Community Leader | MomPreneur
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Ashley Walker

Lead Facilitator of the MelaninMasterminds | Business Coach + Community Leader | MomPreneur

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